Undocumented Advanced Features

This page discusses the advanced features embedded in the software.  These should be used only by experienced Computerized Tube Tester users.

Filament Voltage Tweak:

This command allows you to adjust the filament (heater) voltage to the tube under test by +/- 9.9 volts in 0.1-volt increments.  Pressing Control-T after the test has been called up on the screen, but before the test is started, accesses this command.  Entering a positive value adds the amount specified to the normal voltage.  A negative value will lower the filament voltage by the specified amount.

You can then specify whether you want this tweak voltage to be temporary or permanent.  Selecting temporary means the new filament voltage is not saved, so the next time this test is called up the filament voltage will be back to normal.  Permanent means the new filament voltage value will be stored and used each time you call up this particular test, unless you change it again later.

This is useful for rejuvenating weak tubes, or experimenting.  You can also use it to fine-tune the heater voltage on all your tests.

Relay Energize/De-energize Command:

This command will allow you to turn any particular relay on or off during a test.  Pressing Control-X after the test has been started accesses it.  If the specified relay is already energized, the program will de-energize it, and vice versa.  This command can be dangerous, and normally will never need to be accessed.


This simply presents a prompt informing you whether a particular test has been verified or not.  Verified means that a tube of that particular type has been successfully tested at some point in the past.  The program will let you change it, so if you want to keep track of whether you have tested a particular tube type or not, use it.  Pressing Control-V after the test has been called up on the screen, but before the test is started, accesses it.

Full Scale Meter Sensitivity:

With this you can adjust the full-scale meter reading on the fly.  It can be helpful if you want to accurately measure the transconductance or plate current of a tube that tests so strong that the meter reads off scale high.  Simply press Control-R (for Range) during the test and type in the new full-scale sensitivity you would like.  You can convert the new meter reading directly to micromhos or milliamps by consulting the meter conversion chart on the screen since it will change to reflect the new sensitivity selected.  The normal sensitivity for that test will be restored as soon as the test is exited.

If you would like to see any other advanced features added, send an email.