Here is the current list of tube types in the Computerized Cardmatic database.

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01A                 6DE4                12DK6               5590     
0A2                 6DE6                12DK7               5591     
0A3                 6DE7                12DL8               5591
0A4                 6DG6                12DM4               5603     
0B2                 6DJ8                12DM5               5608A    
0B3                 6DK6                12DQ4               5618     
0C2                 6DL3                12DQ6               5636
0C3                 6DL4                12DQ7               5639     
0D3                 6DL5                12DS7               5641
0E3                 6DM4                12DT5               5642     
0G3                 6DN3                12DT6               5643
0Z4                 6DN6                12DT7               5644
0Z4A                6DN7                12DT8               5647     
1A3                 6DQ4                12DU7               5651
1A4                 6DQ5                12DV7               5654
1A5                 6DQ6                12DV8               5656
1A7                 6DR4                12DW4A              5659     
1AB5                6DR7                12DW5               5661     
1AB6                6DR8                12DW7               5663
1AD2                6DS4                12DW8               5670     
1AD4                6DS5                12DY8               5672     
1AD5                6DS8                12DZ6               5675     
1AE4                6DT3                12DZ8               5676     
1AF4                6DT4                12EA6               5677     
1AG4                6DT5                12EC8               5678     
1AG5                6DT6                12ED5               5686
1AH4                6DT8                12EG6               5687
1AH5                6DU3                12EH5               5690
1AJ4                6DV4                12EK6               5691     
1AJ5                6DW4                12EL6               5692     
1AK4                6DW5                12EM6               5693     
1AU2                6DX4                12EN6               5696
1AU3                6DX8                12EQ7               5702     
1AX2                6DZ4                12EZ6               5703
1AY2                6DZ7                12F5                5704     
1B3                 6DZ8                12F8                5718     
1B4                 6E5                 12FK6               5719
1BC2                6E6                 12FM6               5725
1BH2                6E7                 12FQ7               5726     
1BK2                6EA4                12FQ8               5727
1BQ2                6EA5                12FR8               5744
1BX2                6EA7                12FT6               5749     
1BY2                6EA8                12FV7               5750
1C5                 6EB5                12FX5               5751     
1C21                6EB8                12FX8               5755     
1D8                 6EC4                12G8                5755
1DG3                6ED4                12G11               5763
1DK29               6EF4                12GA6               5783
1DN5                6EH4                12GB3               5784
1G3                 6EH5                12GC6               5787
1G4                 6EH7                12GE5               5798     
1G6                 6EH8                12GJ5               5812     
1H2                 6EJ4                12GK17              5814A    
1H4                 6EJ7                12GN7               5825     
1H5                 6EL4                12GT5               5829     
1J3                 6EM5                12GV5               5838     
1K3                 6EM7                12GW6               5839     
1L4                 6EN4                12H6                5840
1L6                 6EQ7                12HB25              5842     
1LA4                6ER5                12HE7               5842
1LA6                6ES5                12HG7               5844
1LB4                6ES6                12HL5               5847     
1LC5                6ES8                12HL7               5847
1LC6                6ET6                12HU8               5852     
1LD5                6ET7                12J5                5854     
1LE3                6EU7                12J7                5875     
1LF3                6EU8                12J8                5876     
1LG5                6EV5                12JB6               5879     
1LH4                6EV7                12JF5               5881     
1LN5                6EW6                12JN6               5886
1M3                 6EW7                12JN8               5893     
1N2                 6EX6                12JQ6               5894
1N3                 6EY6                12JT6               5896     
1N5                 6EZ5                12K5                5899
1P5                 6EZ8                12K7                5902
1Q5                 6F4                 12K8                5903     
1R4                 6F5                 12KL8               5904     
1R5                 6F6                 12L6                5905
1S2A                6F7                 12L8                5906
1S4                 6F8                 12MD8               5907
1S5                 6F33                12MN8               5908
1T4                 6FA7                12Q7                5910
1T5                 6FC7                12R5                5915
1U4                 6FD6                12RK19              5920
1U5                 6FD7                12RLL5              5930     
1U6                 6FE5                12S8                5931     
1V                  6FG5                12SA7               5932     
1V2                 6FG6                12SC7               5933     
1V5                 6FG7                12SF5               5963
1V6                 6FH5                12SF7               5964
1W5                 6FH6                12SG7               5965
1X2                 6FH8                12SH7               5971
1Z2                 6FJ7                12SJ7               5977
2A3                 6FM7                12SK7               5987
2A4                 6FM8                12SL7               5992
2A5                 6FQ5                12SN7               5993     
2A6                 6FQ7                12SQ7               5998
2A7                 6FS5                12SR7               6000
2AC15               6FV6                12SW7               6004
2AF4                6FV8                12SX7               6005
2AH2                6FW5                12SY7               6007     
2AS2                6FW8                12T10               6021
2AS15               6FY5                12U7                6028     
2AV2                6FY7                12V6                6028
2AZ2                6FY8                12W6                6029     
2B3                 6G5                 12X4                6050     
2B4                 6G6                 12Z3                6051     
2B7                 6G11                12Z5                6057     
2B22                6GA4                13CM5               6064     
2BA2                6GA7                13CW4               6065     
2BH5                6GB5                13DE7               6072
2BJ2                6GB8                13DR7               6073     
2BN4                6GC5                13EM7               6074     
2BU2                6GC6                13FD7               6080WA
2C4                 6GD7                13FM7               6082
2C22                6GE5                13FR7               6084     
2C26A               6GE8                13GB5               6085     
2C34                6GF5                13GF7               6087     
2C39A               6GF7                13J10               6088     
2C40                6GH8                13JZ8               6094
2C42                6GJ5                13V10               6095
2C43                6GJ7                13Z10               6098     
2C46                6GJ8                14A4                6099
2C50                6GK5                14A5                6100
2C51                6GK6                14A7                6101     
2C52                6GL7                14AF7               6106     
2C53                6GM5                14B6                6110     
2CN3A               6GM6                14B8                6111     
2CW4                6GM8                14BL11              6112     
2CY5                6GN8                14BR11              6113     
2D21                6GQ7                14C5                6132     
2D21W               6GS7                14C7                6134     
2DF4                6GS8                14E6                6135
2DS4                6GT5                14E7                6136     
2DV4                6GU5                14F7                6137     
2DX4                6GU7                14F8                6140     
2DZ4                6GV5                14GT8               6141     
2E5                 6GV7                14GW8               6146
2E22                6GV8                14H7                6147     
2E24                6GW5                14J7                6148     
2E25                6GW6                14JG8               6159
2E26                6GW8                14K7                6173     
2E30                6GX6                14L7                6184     
2E31                6GX7                14N7                6186
2E32                6GX8                14Q7                6188
2E35                6GY5                14R7                6189
2E36                6GY6                14S7                6197
2E41                6GY8                14W7                6201     
2E42                6GZ5                14X7                6202     
2EA5                6H6                 14Y4                6203     
2EG4                6HA5                15                  6205
2EN5                6HA6                15A6                6206
2ER5                6HB5                15AF11              6211
2ES5                6HB6                15BD11              6216
2EV5                6HB7                15CW5               6221
2FH5                6HB25               15DQ8               6222
2FQ5                6HC8                15EA7               6223
2FS5                6HD5                15EW6               6225
2FY5                6HD7                15EW7               6227     
2G21                6HE5                15FM7               6245
2GK5                6HE7                15FY7               6247
2GU5                6HF5                15HB6               6252
2GW5                6HF8                15KY8               6263     
2HA5                6HG5                15LE8               6264     
2HK5                6HG8                15MF8               6265
2HM5                6HJ5                16A5                6267     
2HQ5                6HJ7                16A8                6286     
2NH11               6HJ8                16AK9               6293
2NH12               6HK5                16AQ3               6308
2T4                 6HK8                16BQ11              6336     
2V2                 6HL5                16BX11              6350
2V3                 6HL8                16GK6               6354
2X2A                6HM5                16GY5               6360
3A2                 6HM6                16HB5               6374     
3A3                 6HQ5                16JV6               6375     
3A4                 6HR5                16KA6               6384     
3A5                 6HR6                16LU8               6385     
3AF4                6HS5                16Y9                6386     
3AJ8                6HS6                17A8                6388     
3AL5                6HS8                17AB9               6395
3AT2                6HT6                17AB10              6397     
3AU6                6HU6                17AV5               6414
3AV6                6HU8                17AX3               6417
3AW2                6HV5                17AX4               6418
3AW3                6HW8                17AY3               6463
3B2                 6HZ5                17BB14              6485     
3B4                 6HZ6                17BE3               6488     
3B7                 6HZ8                17BF11              6524
3B24                6J4                 17BH3               6526     
3BA6                6J5                 17BQ6               6533
3BC5                6J6                 17BR3               6540     
3BE6                6J7                 17BS3               6542
3BH2                6J8                 17BW3               6550     
3BL2                6J9                 17BZ3               6611     
3BM2                6J10                17C5                6612     
3BN2                6J11                17C8                6626
3BN4                6JA5                17C9                6627
3BN6                6JA8                17CA5               6660     
3BS2                6JB5                17CK3               6661     
3BT2                6JB6                17CL3               6662     
3BU8                6JB8                17CQ4               6663     
3BW2                6JC5                17CT3               6669
3BX6                6JC6                17CU5               6677
3BY6                6JC8                17D4                6678
3BZ6                6JD6                17DE4               6679
3C2                 6JE6                17DM4               6680
3C4                 6JE8                17DQ4               6681     
3C6                 6JF6                17DQ6               6686
3CA3                6JF8                17DW4A              6687
3CB6                6JG5                17EW8               6688
3CE5                6JG6                17GE5               6689     
3CF6                6JH5                17GJ5               6754     
3CN3A               6JH6                17GT5               6761
3CS6                6JH8                17GV5               6788
3CU3                6JK5                17GW6               6814
3CX3                6JK6                17H3                6829
3CY3                6JK8                17HB25              6832
3CY5                6JL6                17HC8               6850
3CZ3                6JL8                17JB6               6872     
3D6                 6JM6                17JF6               6877
3D21A               6JN6                17JG6A              6883
3DA3                6JN8                17JK8               6887
3DB3                6JQ6                17JM6               6888
3DC3                6JR6                17JN6               6889     
3DF3                6JS6                17JQ6               6900
3DG4                6JT6                17JR6               6907
3DH3                6JT8                17JT6               6919
3DJ3                6JU6                17JZ8               6922
3DK6                6JU8                17KV6               6939
3DR3                6JV6                17KW6               6943
3DS3                6JV8                17L6                6947     
3DT6                6JW8                17LD8               6948     
3DX4                6JX8                17R5                6954
3DZ4                6JY8                17RK19              6973
3E6                 6JZ6                17X10               6977
3E29                6JZ8                17Z3                7025     
3EA5                6K5                 18A5                7027
3EH7                6K6                 18AJ10              7036
3EJ7                6K7                 18DZ8               7044
3ER5                6K8                 18FW6               7054     
3ES5                6K11                18FX6               7055     
3EV5                6KA8                18FY6               7056     
3FH5                6KD6                18GB5               7057     
3FQ5                6KD8                18GD6               7058     
3FS5                6KE8                18GV8               7059
3FY5                6KF8                18HB8               7060
3GK5                6KG6                18J6                7061
3GS8                6KH8                19                  7062
3GU5                6KL8                19AJ8               7119
3GW5                6KM6                19AU4               7137
3HA5                6KM8                19BG6               7167
3HK5                6KN6                19BX6               7189     
3HM5                6KN8                19BY7               7193     
3HM6                6KR8                19C8                7199
3HQ5                6KS6                19CG3               7212     
3HS8                6KS8                19CL8A              7233     
3HT6                6KT6                19D8                7239     
3JC6                6KT8                19DE3               7247
3JD6                6KU8                19DE7               7258
3KF8                6KV6                19DK3               7308
3KT6                6KV8                19DQ3               7316     
3LF4                6KW6                19EA8               7320     
3MP26               6KX8                19EW7               7355     
3Q4                 6KY6                19EZ8               7360
3Q5                 6KY8                19FL8               7370
3S4                 6KZ8                19FX5               7408
3V4                 6L5                 19G3                7534     
4AB8                6L6                 19GQ7               7543     
4AU6                6L7                 19HR6               7551
4AV6                6LB6                19HS6               7558
4BA6                6LB8                19HV8               7581     
4BC5                6LC6                19J6                7586     
4BC8                6LC8                19JN8               7587     
4BE6                6LD6                19KF6               7591
4BL8                6LE8                19KG8               7643
4BN6                6LF6                19Q9                7645
4BQ7                6LF8                19T8                7683
4BS8                6LG6                19V8                7687
4BU8                6LH6                19X3                7693     
4BX8                6LJ6                19X8                7694     
4BZ6                6LJ8                19Y3                7695     
4BZ7                6LM8                20AQ3               7699
4BZ8                6LN8                20EQ7               7701     
4CB6                6LQ6                20EW7               7716
4CE5                6LQ8                20EZ7               7717     
4CM4                6LR6                20LF6               7719
4CS6                6LR8                21A6                7721     
4CY5                6LT8                21EX6               7722     
4D32                6LU6                21GY5               7724
4DE6                6LU8                21HB5               7728     
4DK6                6LV6                21HD5               7729     
4DL4                6LW6                21HJ5               7730     
4DT6                6LX6                21JS6A              7731
4EH7                6LX8                21JV6               7732     
4EJ7                6LY8                21JZ6               7733     
4ER5                6LZ6                21KA6               7734
4ES8                6M3                 21KQ6               7737
4EW6                6M5                 21LG6               7751     
4FY5                6M11                21LR8               7754     
4GJ7                6MB8                21LU8               7757
4GK5                6MD8                22                  7759
4GM6                6ME6                22BH3               7760     
4GS7                6ME8                22BW3               7761     
4GS8                6MF8                22DE4               7762
4GW5                6MG8                22JF6               7788
4GX7                6MHH3               22JG6               7802
4GZ5                6MJ6                22JR6               7854
4HA5                6MJ8                22JU6               7861     
4HA7                6MK8                22KM6               7867     
4HC7                6ML8                22KV6               7868
4HG8                6MN8                23JS6A              7889
4HK5                6MQ8                23MB6               7895     
4HM5                6MU8                23Z9                7898     
4HM6                6MV8                24A                 7905
4HQ5                6MY8                24BF11              7984     
4HS8                6N3                 24GA7               7995
4HT6                6N4                 24JE6               8013A    
4JC6                6N5                 24JZ8               8016     
4JD6                6N7                 24LQ6               8032
4JH6                6N8                 25A6                8056     
4JK6                6NH10               25A7                8058     
4JL6                6NL7                25AV5               8064     
4KE8                6P5                 25AX4               8068     
4KF8                6Q4                 25BB14              8077     
4KN8                6Q5                 25BK5               8084     
4KT6                6Q7                 25BQ6               8096
4LJ8                6Q11                25BR3               8102
4LU6                6R3                 25C5                8106     
4MK8                6R4                 25C6                8136     
4MP12               6R7                 25CA5               8149     
4MP26               6R8                 25CD6               8150     
4RHH8               6RHH2               25CG3               8156     
5A6                 6RHH8               25CK3               8185     
5AM8                6RK19               25CM3               8186     
5AN8                6RP15               25CT3               8203     
5AQ5                6RP22               25CU6               8223     
5AR4                6S2                 25DK4               8233     
5AS4                6S4                 25DN6               8255     
5AS8                6S7                 25DQ6               8278     
5AT8                6S8                 25DT5               8298
5AU4                6SA7                25E5                8327     
5AV8                6SB7                25EC6               8348
5AW4                6SC7                25EH5               8393     
5AZ4                6SD7                25F5                8416
5B8                 6SF5                25HB25              8417     
5BC3                6SF7                25HX5               8425     
5BE8                6SG7                25JQ6               8426     
5BK7A               6SH7                25JZ8               8431     
5BQ7A               6SJ7                25L6                8445
5BR8                6SK7                25RK19              8446
5BS8                6SL7                25W4                8458
5BT8                6SN7                25W6                8489
5BW8                6SQ7                25Y5                8509
5BZ7                6SR7                25Z5                8552
5CG8                6SS7                25Z6                8556     
5CL8                6ST7                26                  8608     
5CM6                6SU7                26A6                8628     
5CM8                6SV7                26A7                8637
5CQ8                6SZ7                26AQ8               8737
5CR8                6T4                 26BK6               8950
5CZ5                6T7                 26C6                9001
5DH8                6T8                 26D6                9002
5DJ4                6T9                 26DQ5               9003
5EA8                6T10                26E6                9004     
5EH8                6U3                 26HU5               9005
5ES8                6U5                 26LW6               9006
5EU8                6U6                 26LX6               9903
5EW6                6U7                 26Z5W               35_51    
5FG7                6U8                 27                  38142    
5FV8                6U9                 27GB5               AZ41     
5GH8                6U10                27KG6               C3G      
5GJ7                6V3                 27LF6               C3M      
5GM6                6V4                 28AK8               CK108    
5GS7                6V6                 28D7                CK512AX  
5GX6                6V7                 28EC4               CK526AX  
5GX7                6V8                 28HD5               CK533AX  
5HA7                6V9                 29GK6               CK573AX  
5HB7                6W4                 29KQ6               CK1006
5HC7                6W6                 29LE6               D3A      
5HG8                6W7                 30                  DAF96    
5HZ6                6X4                 30A5                DC70     
5J6                 6X5                 30AE3               DC90
5JK6                6X6                 30AG11              DF96     
5JL6                6X8                 30HJ5               DK96     
5KD8                6X9                 30JZ6               DL66     
5KE8                6Y6                 30KD6               DL67     
5KZ8                6Y7                 30MB6               DL94     
5LJ8                6Y9                 31                  DL96     
5MB8                6Y10                31A3                DM70     
5MHH3               6Z4                 31AL10              DM71     
5MK9                6Z5                 31AV3               DM160    
5MQ8                6Z10                31JS6               DX29     
5R4                 6ZY5                31LQ6               DY97     
5T4                 7A4                 31LR8               DY802    
5T8                 7A5                 31LZ6               E55L     
5U4                 7A6                 32                  E80CC    
5U8                 7A7                 32A8                E80CF    
5U9                 7A8                 32ET5               E80F     
5V3                 7AD7                32GA7               E80L     
5V4                 7AF7                32HQ7               E81L     
5V6                 7AG7                32L7                E82CC    
5V9                 7AH7                33                  E83F     
5W4                 7AK7                33GT7               E84L     
5X4                 7AN7                33GY7               E88C     
5X8                 7AU7                33HE7               E88CC    
5X9                 7B4                 33JR6               E90CC    
5Y3                 7B5                 33JV6               E90F     
5Y4                 7B6                 34CD3               E91H     
5Z3                 7B7                 34CE3               E92CC
5Z4                 7B8                 34CM3               E99F     
6A3                 7C4                 34GD5               E130L    
6A4                 7C5                 34R3                E180CC   
6A6                 7C6                 35                  E180F    
6A7                 7C7                 35A5                E182CC   
6A8                 7DJ8                35B5                E186F    
6AB4                7E5                 35C5                E188CC   
6AB5                7E6                 35CD6               E235L    
6AB7                7E7                 35DZ8               E280F    
6AB8                7ES8                35EH5               E283CC
6AB9                7EY6                35GL6               E288CC   
6AC5                7F7                 35HB8               E810F    
6AC7                7F8                 35L6                EA76     
6AC9                7FC7                35LR6               EAA91    
6AC10               7G7                 35W4                EABC80   
6AD4                7G8                 35Y4                EAF42    
6AD7                7GS7                35Z3                EAM86    
6AD10               7GV7                35Z4                EB41     
6AF3                7H7                 35Z5                EB91     
6AF4                7HG8                35Z6                EBC41    
6AF6                7J7                 36                  EBC81    
6AF9                7K7                 36AM3               EBC91
6AF11               7KY6                36KD6               EBF80    
6AG5                7KZ6                36LW6               EBF83    
6AG6WA              7L7                 36MC6               EBF89    
6AG7                7N7                 37                  EC80     
6AG9                7Q7                 38                  EC81     
6AG11               7R7                 38A3                EC86     
6AH4                7S7                 38HE7               EC88     
6AH6                7T7                 38HK7               EC91     
6AH7                7V7                 39                  EC95     
6AH9                7W7                 40FR5               EC900    
6AJ4                7X6                 40KD6               EC8010   
6AJ5                7X7                 40KG6               ECC33    
6AJ8                7Y4                 41                  ECC40    
6AK5                7Z4                 42                  ECC81    
6AK6                8AC9                42EC4               ECC82    
6AK8                8AC10               42KN6               ECC83
6AK9                8AL9                43                  ECC84    
6AK10               8AR11               45                  ECC85    
6AL3                8AU8                45B5                ECC86    
6AL5                8AV11               45Z3                ECC88    
6AL5W               8AW8A               46                  ECC89    
6AL7                8B8                 47                  ECC186   
6AL9                8B10                48                  ECC189   
6AL11               8BA8A               49                  ECC808   
6AM4                8BA11               50                  ECC2000
6AM5                8BH8                50A5                ECF80    
6AM6                8BM11               50B5                ECF83
6AM8                8BN8                50BK5               ECF86    
6AN4                8BN11               50BM8               ECF200   
6AN5                8BQ5                50C5                ECF201   
6AN6                8BQ11               50C6                ECF801   
6AN8                8BU11               50DC4               ECF802   
6AQ4                8CB11               50EH5               ECF804
6AQ5                8CG7                50FA5               ECF805   
6AQ5W               8CM7                50FE5               ECH35
6AQ6                8CN7                50FK5               ECH42    
6AQ7                8CS7                50FY8               ECH81    
6AQ8                8CW5                50GY7               ECH83    
6AR5                8CX8                50HC6               ECH84    
6AR6                8CY7                50HK6               ECH200   
6AR6W               8DX8                50HN5               ECL80    
6AR8                8EB8                50JY6               ECL82    
6AR11               8EM5                50L6                ECL83
6AS5                8ET7                50X6                ECL84    
6AS6                8FQ7                50Y6                ECL85    
6AS6W               8GJ7                50Y7                ECL86    
6AS7                8GK6                53                  ECLL800  
6AS8                8GN8                53HK7               ED500    
6AS11               8GU7                55                  EF40     
6AT6                8GX7                56                  EF41     
6AT8                8HG8                57                  EF42     
6AU4                8JE8                58                  EF73     
6AU5                8JK8                58HE7               EF80     
6AU6                8JL8                59                  EF85     
6AU7                8JT8                60FX5               EF86     
6AU8                8JU8A               60HL5               EF89     
6AV5                8JV8                70L7                EF91     
6AV6                8K11                71A                 EF91     
6AV11               8KA8                72                  EF92     
6AW8A               8KR8                75                  EF97     
6AX3                8KS8                76                  EF98     
6AX4                8LC8                77                  EF183    
6AX5                8LE8                78                  EF184    
6AX7                8LS6                79                  EF804    
6AX8                8LT8                80                  EF805S   
6AY3                8SN7                81                  EFL200   
6AY11               8U9                 82                  EL34     
6AZ8                8X9                 83                  EL36     
6B4                 9A8                 83V                 EL37     
6B6                 9AB4                84                  EL38     
6B7                 9AH9                85                  EL41     
6B8                 9AK8                85A1                EL42     
6B10                9AK10               85A2                EL80     
6BA3                9AQ8                89                  EL81     
6BA5                9AU7                90C1                EL83     
6BA6                9BJ11               101D                EL84     
6BA6W               9BR7                101F                EL85     
6BA7                9BR8                101FA               EL86     
6BA8                9CL8                101L                EL91     
6BA11               9DZ8                101M                EL95     
6BB14               9EA8                102D                EL500    
6BC4                9ED4                102F                EL505    
6BC5                9GH8                102L                EL508    
6BC7                9GV8                104D                EL821    
6BC8                9JW8                117L7               EL822    
6BD4                9KC6                117M7               ELL80    
6BD5                9KX6                117N7               EM34     
6BD6                9KZ8                117P7               EM80     
6BD7A               9LA6                117Z3               EM81     
6BD11               9ML8                117Z4               EM84     
6BE3                9MN8                117Z6               EM87     
6BE6                9RAL1               150B2               EMM801
6BE6W               9U8                 205F                EMM803
6BE7                9V9                 231D                EQ80     
6BE8                9X8                 244A                EY80     
6BF5                10AL11              245A                EY81     
6BF6                10BQ5               247A                EY82     
6BF7W               10C8                257A                EY84     
6BF8                10CW5               259A                EY86     
6BF11               10DA7               262A&B              EY88     
6BG6                10DE7               264B&C              EY500    
6BG7                10DR7               271A                EZ40     
6BH3                10DX8               272A                EZ80     
6BH6                10EB8               274A                EZ81     
6BH8                10EG7               274B                EZ90     
6BH11               10EM7               275A                GY501    
6BJ3                10EW7               286A                GZ32     
6BJ5                10FD7               290A                GZ33     
6BJ6                10GF7               291A                GZ34     
6BJ7                10GK6               292A                H1112    
6BJ8                10GN8               293A                H1208    
6BK4                10GV8               294A                HCC85    
6BK5                10HF8               300A&B              HCH81    
6BK6                10J10               303A                HCL82    
6BK7A               10JA5               307A                HL94     
6BK11               10JA8               309A                KT61     
6BL4                10JT8               310A                KT66     
6BL7                10JY8               310B                KT88     
6BL8                10KR8               311A                LC900    
6BM8                10KU8               311B                LCF80    
6BN4                10LB8               313C                LCF200   
6BN5                10LD13              313CA               LCF201   
6BN6                10LE8               313CB               LCF801   
6BN8                10LW8               313CC               LCF802   
6BN11               10LY8               328A                LCH200   
6BQ5                10LZ8               329A                LCL80    
6BQ6                10T10               336A                LCL82    
6BQ7A               10Z10               337A                LCL84    
6BR3                11AF9               338A                LCL85    
6BR5                11AR11              339A                LFL200   
6BR7                11BM8               347A                LL86     
6BR8                11BQ11              348A                LL500    
6BS3                11BT11              349A                LL505    
6BS7                11C5                350A                LL521    
6BS8                11CA11              350B                LY81     
6BT4                11CF11              351A                LY88     
6BT6                11CY7               352A                LY500    
6BT8                11DS5               367A                N22LL    
6BU6                11FY7               373A                N30EL    
6BU8                11HM7               374A                N30EL    
6BV8                11JE8               375A                N78      
6BV11               11KV8               381A                PABC80   
6BW3                11LQ8               383A                PC86     
6BW4                11LT8               384A                PC88     
6BW6                11LY6               385A                PC95     
6BW8                11MS8               387A                PC97     
6BW11               11R3                395A                PC900    
6BX6                11Y9                396A                PCC84    
6BX7                12A4                398A                PCC85    
6BX8                12A6                399B                PCC88    
6BY5                12A7                400B                PCC89    
6BY6                12A8                401A                PCC189   
6BY7                12AB5               403A                PCF80    
6BY8                12AC5               403B                PCF80
6BY11               12AC6               404A                PCF86    
6BZ3                12AC10              407A                PCF200   
6BZ6                12AD6               407B                PCF201   
6BZ7                12AD7               408A                PCF801   
6BZ8                12AE6               409A                PCF802   
6C4                 12AE7               412A                PCF805   
6C5                 12AE10              415A                PCH200   
6C6                 12AF3               417A                PCL82    
6C8                 12AF6               418A                PCL83
6C9                 12AG6               420A                PCL84    
6C10                12AH7               421A                PCL85    
6CA4                12AJ6               421A                PCL86    
6CA5                12AJ7               422A                PD500    
6CA7                12AL5               423A                PF86     
6CA11               12AL8               427A                PFL200   
6CB5                12AL11              429A                PL36     
6CB6                12AQ5               430A                PL81     
6CD3                12AS5               432B                PL82     
6CD6                12AT6               435A                PL83     
6CD7                12AT7               436A                PL84     
6CE3                12AU6               437A                PL500    
6CE5                12AU7               443A                PL505    
6CF6                12AU8               448A                PL508    
6CG3                12AV5               502A                PL521    
6CG7                12AV6               559                 PL521    
6CG8                12AV7               629                 PLL80    
6CH3                12AW6               713A                POWER    
6CH6                12AX3               717A                PY80     
6CH7                12AX4               801A                PY81     
6CH8                12AX7               807                 PY82     
6CJ3                12AY3               809                 PY88     
6CJ5                12AY7               811A                PY500    
6CJ6                12AZ7               815                 TS251
6CK3                12B4A               816                 UABC80   
6CK4                12BA6               829B                UB41     
6CK5                12BA7               832A                UBC41    
6CK6                12BB14              837                 UBC81    
6CL3                12BD6               842                 UBF80    
6CL5                12BE3               843                 UBF89    
6CL6                12BE6               865                 UC92     
6CL8                12BF6               866A                UCC85    
6CM3                12BF11              874                 UCH42    
6CM4                12BH7A              884                 UCH81    
6CM5                12BK5               885                 UCL82    
6CM6                12BK6               954                 UF41     
6CM7                12BL6               955                 UF80     
6CM8                12BN6               956                 UF85     
6CN6                12BQ6               957                 UF89     
6CN7                12BR3               959                 UL84     
6CQ4                12BR7               1005                UY41     
6CQ6                12BS3               1007                UY85     
6CQ8                12BT3               1201                UY89     
6CR6                12BT6               1203A               W77      
6CR8                12BU6               1229                X155     
6CS6                12BV7               1232                X6030
6CS7                12BV11              1273                XC97     
6CT3                12BW4               1280                XC900    
6CT7                12BX6               1294                XCC189   
6CU5                12BY7A              1299                XCF80    
6CU6                12BZ6               1603                XCF86    
6CU7                12BZ7               1609                XCH81    
6CU8                12C5                1612                XCL82    
6CV7                12C8                1613                XCL84    
6CW4                12CA5               1614                XCL85    
6CW5                12CK3               1619                XF80     
6CW7                12CL3               1620                XF183    
6CX8                12CM6               1621                XF184    
6CY5                12CN5               1622                XL36     
6CY7                12CR6               1624                XL84     
6CZ5                12CS6               1625                XL86     
6D4                 12CT3               1626                XL500    
6D6                 12CT8               1629                XXFM     
6D10                12CU5               1631                XXL      
6DA4                12CU6               1633                XY88     
6DA5                12CX6               1635                YC97     
6DA6                12D4                1641                YCC189   
6DA7                12DB5               1644                YF183    
6DB5                12DE8               1851                YF184    
6DB6                12DF5               1852                YL1080   
6DC6                12DF7               2050                Z729     
6DC8                12DJ8               2051